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Annetra Wagner Piper, Ed. D., CGS A. Piper and Associates, Owner

 Annetra Piper, Ed. D., Certified Grants Specialist (CGS) is a leader in grant writing and grants management. With over 20 years of experience, she has assisted schools and non-profits in being awarded more than $750 million in grant funds during her career. Formerly the Manager of the Grants Department for Houston ISD, she can teach you how to get the funds you need to expand your organizational capacity and make a difference in the lives of those you impact.  


Jacqueline Terrell, Owner - J. Terrell Consulting Firm

Special Feature - - Jacqueline Terrell believes that strong organizations create strong communities. It is on that belief that she founded J. Terrell Consulting Firm in 2006 and has assisted hundreds of clients with non-profit formation and wrap-around services. She  serves her community by ensuring that anyone interested in serving through a nonprofit business has the necessary tools for success. She is committed to designing training to ensure nonprofits become "profitable nonprofits."  


Carol Joy (CJay) Smith, CEC - DiFfErEnT by DeSiGn, Inc.

 Special Feature – – Noting the life changes that can occur when individuals or groups receive large grant funds, A. Piper and Associates has partnered with Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Carol J. (CJay) Smith. Her goal is to walk you through her "3 right now and do-able" strategies for sustainability of the desired grant funding. Her "How to" guide will prepare you for "What to do BEFORE the money comes in..." 

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This work culminates in our major deliverable... By the end of the seminar, you should have greater confidence in your ability to write and submit a grant to the appropriate funding agency. You will write a shell of a grant during the seminar!

We also offer training in grants management. Our grants management training is equally as thorough. Our hands-on training approach to grants management will help you:

  • Understand the importance of properly negotiating a grant award
  • Learn how to read a funded grant application
  • Learn how to read, operate, and set up the budget
  • Learn how to monitor program activities
  • Understand the importance of and how to complete progress/final reports

The grants management training will help you to stay in compliance and be eligible for continuation and/or renewal grants when the time is right.

Get to know the team that's committed to your organization's success.

Individual company training is available by appointment.


Our Approach


Our services

Our grant writing training is very thorough. Our hands-on training approach to grant writing will help you:

  • Learn how to identify grant opportunities to match your needs
  • Understand funding trends and forecast upcoming opportunities
  • Use creative techniques for writing winning applications and proposals
  • Learn how to save time and maximize your results
  • Understand basic grant terms and forms

Unique Approach

Learning how to write grant is important, but so is staying in compliance and keeping your organization in good standing. With this in mind, A. Piper and Associates offers information during the seminar to help you:

  • Learn how to become a "profitable" non-profit
  • Be confident in your relationship with money so that it does not overwhelm you
  • Create sustainability strategies for your project

Grant Writing Seminars

  • Do you desire to teach your staff how to write grants? We will come to you!
  • Do you have a group that needs our services? We will come to you!
  • Do you desire to create a fundraising opportunity through training? We will work with you!